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Why is the Warranty of Obsolete Spares in Industrial Automation Critical for the End Users?

Published on : 08 March 2023
Why is the Warranty of Obsolete Spares in Industrial Automation Critical for the End Users?

With newer technology being frequently introduced in the market, the obsolescence of older systems is a matter of time. Migration to the latest technology involves time and costs. Sustaining the existing systems necessitates sourcing end-of-life, obsolete spares, where quality and warranty of the spares pose a concern.

In the race to be at the forefront, newer systems and technologies that are better, faster, cheaper, and more efficient keep emerging in the market. Thus in today’s technology-driven world, it is a matter of time before existing systems become outdated. Obsolescence is a concern that plagues the industrial automation industry, like all others. However, migrating to upgraded systems is not always possible as this can be a costly and lengthy affair. Also, the purchase of new equipment can involve time-consuming regulatory system assessments, and re-engineering and redesigning of machines and process equipment, with the risk of delays in order fulfilment that can adversely affect production.

In such a scenario, the use of obsolete components is one of the most time-and-cost-effective solutions to minimize the downtime of outdated systems. However, obsolete spares are commonly perceived to be worn out, damaged, and old, due to which end users are sceptical about purchasing the same. On the other hand, maintaining a stock of spares for systems that are becoming outdated can be an expensive affair, taking up crucial storage space, not to mention the uncertainty in calculating the appropriate stock quantity that would be required. Sourcing obsolete spares is then the only solution that can eliminate the nightmare of obsolescence for the industrial automation industry. But locating the required spares from the right seller at a cost-effective price, and within the time frame required is a major challenge. Warranty is yet another critical parameter when choosing spares. However, most companies are vague when it comes to defining warranty clauses, heightening concerns among buyers regarding the quality and condition of the spare, service life, etc.

IndAXonline, India’s largest online marketplace for surplus, used and unutilized automation assets, addresses these multiple concerns in one go. With hundreds of reputed companies choosing IndAXonline for their industrial automation requirements, sourcing cost-effective, good-quality obsolete spares meeting the required standards, that can be delivered quickly, is a cakewalk. Most importantly, IndAXonline provides obsolete and refurbished spares with clearly defined policies of product return and transparent warranty clauses. All reused components are in good working condition and tested for quality, guaranteeing peace of mind for the purchaser.

To sum it up, IndAXonline is the industrial automation industry’s answer to obliterate the obstacles caused by obsolescence. Addressing the need for and the concerns of the industrial automation industry regarding reliable obsolete spares, IndAXonline offers a one-stop shop where buyers can choose from multiple options. Sourcing good-quality, tested obsolete spares with defined policies of product return and transparent warranty clauses was never so easy!


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