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Current Market Trend & Key Driving Factors in Remote Engg Services of Industrial Automation Projects

Published on : 06 June 2023
Current Market Trend & Key Driving Factors in Remote Engg Services of Industrial Automation Projects

Projects to industrial automation systems in the power, process & utility industry have been numerous where new technologies offer impressive capabilities. But some of the surveys in recent past show a clear shift away from purchasing automation service from local system house & EPC firm towards exclusively purchasing remote service from the specialized engineering firms located beyond geographical territories while focusing on controlling the cost, faster delivery and minimizing physical travel

Driven by the increasing demand for automation, technological advancements like AI and IoT, energy conservation, rising labor costs, and safety compliance requirements, the global industrial automation services industry is experiencing substantial growth. However, to maintain this upward momentum, the industry needs to overcome challenges such as high implementation costs, cybersecurity concerns, and a lack of skilled professionals. In this scenario, optimizing operations and maximizing productivity have become the need of the hour for businesses.


This is where online industrial automation services come into the picture. With advanced technology and support from experts, these service providers offer a wide range of solutions to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.


The pandemic further fueled the disappearance of world boundaries, with businesses embracing remote engineering and online site support for industrial automation systems to reduce the dependency on existing manpower having limited capability and also to increase efficiency as well. This has generated huge competition, with automation service providers going all out to ensure enhanced speed, reliability, accuracy, consistency, data security, cost-effectiveness, and a user-friendly interface to stand out from the crowd and maintain a leading edge in the market. End users, too, look for the entire bouquet of industrial automation lifecycle services, from concept design, development, testing, and start-up to commissioning, and beyond, to site support. Moreover, in a “shrinking world,” hiring cost-effective on-site services like testing, migration, start-up, and commissioning has become relatively easy.

Critical to the implementation of the above, however, is the selection of reliable industrial automation service professionals who can deliver results. IndAXonline, with three decades of rich experience in the industrial automation services industry, provides a secure and user-friendly online platform to allow industrial users access to greater options to avail of best-in-industry services. Its unique review and rating mechanism facilitates transparency and eliminates the challenges of identifying competent capabilities and the concerns of dealing with unknown service providers.

From project management to engineering, and all the way to commissioning support including online training services, IndAXonline has helped businesses globally enhance productivity, making it the preferred partner of the industrial automation services industry. Its extensive network of proven and verified service providers and system integrators with vast domain expertise makes the execution of legacy as well as the latest control systems across multiple processes and discrete industries a breeze. Be it remote engineering services like Design and Documentation, Programming and Development, Remote Testing and Validation; on-site services like Testing and Setup, Migration and Upgrade, Commissioning and Support; or expertise in systems like PLCs, Drives, HMI, SCADA, and Servo from established players like Siemens, Schneider, ABB and Allen Bradley, IndAXonline is a highly trusted one-stop, cost-effective solution for the entire gamut of industrial automation services.

Our “Global Delivery Model” and latest project management practices facilitate the effective planning and monitoring of projects and ensure we maintain a track record of consistently delivering world-class quality automation engineering services, enabling our customers to maintain a leading edge in a highly competitive market.

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