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SP Robotics Maker Lab opens application for franchises

Published on : 02 July 2022

Franchise Investment starts from INR 5 lakh up to 20 lakh to own a Maker Lab at your locality. The startup currently has 50 Maker Labs in 20 cities in India.

Students at Maker Lab

National, July 01, 2022: SP Robotic Works, an AI-based edutainment company which provides a platform for young children to learn, build and collaborate in some of the most sought-after technologies in India and around the world, is now expanding its operations by opening 100+ 'Maker Labs' in 3 cities by year end. In the quest for building a stronger maker community among school children, the startup aims to create an active and intelligent community of engineers and innovators by equipping them with the tools to learn the latest technologies.

These Smart Maker Labs blend conventional classroom learning with AI-driven methods to assure quality learning. These Labs are equipped with AI-enabled computer systems and Robotic/Drone Kits and other Maker Kits, where the student can also learn with rich animations and real-time concepts. This innovative model has helped the company scale with quality and cost in-tact quickly growing from 0 to 75+ centres in just a year back in 2019 (before Covid).

Pranavan S, Co-Founder of SP Robotics Maker Lab, said, "We are excited to set up these 'Maker Labs' so that children after school or during the weekends can spend about two to four hours a week in problem-solving skills and cognitive development. We have this franchise model since we want to collaborate with local partners who share the same vision and ideologies to start a Maker Lab centre in their location. Our franchise partners can choose the FOFO (Franchise owned Franchise Operated) model or the FOCO (franchise owned company operated) model with the support of SP Robotics."

The franchisees can typically invest from INR 5 lakh in a FOCO model where the company would take care of setting up the centre and operating it. In a FOFO Model where the franchisee wants to operate the centre, the investment required to setup the centre is INR 15 to 20 lakh. The company would support with the setup, guidelines and business training required to operate the centre.

Today SP Robotics Maker Lab has successfully helped over two lakh students learn across 31 cities by providing training in future tech like Robotics, Coding, AI, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Drones in a fun, easy and hands-on learning experience. It aims at building spaces where 10 to 20 children at a time can learn things together, collaboratively, build things, code things, form teams for their future competitions, prepare for competitions, and learn from other's mistakes in a collaborative environment.

SP Robotics provides an early age interaction between the age of 7-17 years with Robotics, Electronics Coding, Drones, VR/AR, AI and tech for children. It aims at encouraging young learners to develop a liking for the practical aspect of the technical field and help boost their cognitive and logical thinking skills.

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Source - Industrial Automation Magazine