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Atos launches innovative Edge to Cloud 5G and AI-enabled solution

Published on : 09 May 2022

Atos BOaaS brings to the market one of the most innovative AI applications at the edge, powered by Dell.

Atos Business Outcomes-as-a-Service

Paris, France, May 2022 – Atos announced the launch of “Atos Business Outcomes-as-a-Service” (Atos BOaaS), a 5G, edge and IoT offering developed in collaboration with Dell Technologies that brings the advantages of cloud architecture to the edge and far edge to deliver AI-based business value augmented with end-to-end automated deployment, monitoring and management.

Edge computing has added complexity to digital systems, and IoT generates significant amounts of highly valuable data that remains untapped. Combining the expertise of Atos and Dell, Atos BOaaS will enable organizations to obtain meaningful, rapid and repeatable business outcomes out of IoT data streams and analytics and manage their IoT ecosystem from a single dashboard.

Atos BOaaS brings to the market one of the most innovative AI applications at the edge, powered by Dell. Dell’s Streaming Data Platform creates reliable, fast and secure data pipelines from edge to cloud that enable analytics. Atos wraps up all the technology components with extra services into a full consumption model to enable clients to focus on the business benefits of analytics at the edge and in the cloud.

Atos BOaaS revolutionizes digital operations, virtually removing the need for on-site technology support, which decreases their overall carbon footprint. Atos BOaaS can save hundreds of tons of CO2 per year per client.

In addition, the annual positive economic and environmental impact of Atos BOaaS on 1,000 retail stores can be calculated as follows: 66,000 hours saved on maintenance, compliance and updates; up to +1-2% revenue saved, corresponding to $4.2m saved in digital support[1].

Atos’ innovation with the development of Atos BOaaS has been recognized today at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas. Dell awarded Atos the 2022 Dell Technologies Global Alliances – Global Excellence in Innovation Award, which recognizes Atos’ unwavering commitment to helping customers succeed in the data era.

Source - Industrial Automation Magazine