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Spare Part Management

While trying to balance cost with spare parts availability, reliability, and performance, Companies are increasingly turning to third-party service providers to manage spare parts inventories aiming to reduce the inventory-related costs and the risk associated with obsolescence, depreciation, and overstocking.

However, be wary of rushing too quickly to a third party, especially under a multi-year contract. Get your house in order first; otherwise, you might be leaving too much low-hanging fruit for the external service provider to turn into a quick profit at your expense.

With the solution from IndAXonline, the web based online spare parts management systems enable plant user to gain full control on entire parts availability with its longevity & cost associated resulting in improvement of operation efficiency and minimize Minimise capital expenditure.

Through your own customized web portal of Spare Parts Management System, the plant user can have all the functions and capabilities necessary to centrally manage the inventory as required for non stop plant operation for years even beyond the product life cycle


  • Rules-based replenishment and parts handling.
  • Inventory by site, region, part, status, usage, and product line and delivery period.
  • Calculate stock levels based on historical usage and estimate new part min/max.
  • Configure stock (Plant) locations for static or dynamic bin functionality.
  • Reduce administration by having the right part in the right place at the right time.

Spare Parts Management (SPM) of IndAXonline provides you with 100% visibility into your spare part inventory levels in line with field locations, you will also have full access to shipping and receiving