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Obsolescence Management

In order to reduce the risks of obsolescence, an efficient obsolescence management (OM) system that covers the total installation of the plant needs to be implemented. The obsolescence management system put in place some crucial activities as below :

  • Collect the information on the existing installation and maintain as a source for deciding whether envisioned obsolescence risks may affect the installation.
  • Implement obsolescence forecasting with monitoring of Information from suppliers on potential obsolescence.
  • Set up a mitigation plan for every component under OM, wherein possible actions in case of obsolescence are planned and defined.
  • Setup a process for obsolescence resolution. When obsolescence occurs, action to mitigate the risks related to loss of operation or reduced safety.

The approach for obsolescence resolution depends not only on the components, but also on the renewal strategy of the owner of the installation.

In some cases, planned modernizations may be chosen, whereas for other situations a component repair or replacement may suffice. Additionally, the mitigation methods for a component may vary depending on the complexity of the product, the ease of replacement, and other cost factors

The obsolescence management service from IndAXonline :

  • Not limited to replacing the system to the higher level but first focus on making the part available which is critical for the machine or plant operation, but generally not suitably available from the manufacturer side.
  • Partial or full modular upgrades along with upgrading the performance and usability to meet modern requirements.
  • Keeping tracking of obsolete components in the opening market to secure availability long after manufacturing of the component has been discontinued.
  • Refurbishment of used components, including the repair of failed electronics.
  • IndAXonline through its collaborated team of various service providers take care of refurbish, repair, and upgrade specialized electronics to keep the system operational.