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Schneider Electric automation and control products and solutions cover the breadth of the industrial, infrastructure and building sectors -- from programmable relays to motion controllers and interface modules, for applications from simple machines to complex process systems.


Altivar Process drive systems offer  a wide range of fully tested and ready-to-connect drive solutions. Starting from compact, pre-engineered systems up to custom-engineered complex solutions. These solutions are developed to the highest quality level; manufactured according to your needs and are tested at full-load operating conditions. The modular architecture of Altivar Process allows use of the same modules for all power ranges

  • Unique design for whole range
  • Flexible modular architecture
  • Full-load tested modules & drives
  • Easy & fast maintenance
  • Designed for long-life operation

Altiver Drive Systems are enclosure units with a built-in frequency inverter to control the speed of asynchronous or synchronous motors. The modular construction makes it possible to adapt the enclosure unit to your particular requirements.


Modicon TSX Premium PLCs are entirely modular. A PLC station is constructed around the following basic elements :

  • Standard racks with 6, 8 and 12 positions - They can make up a PLC station limited to a single rack.
  • Extendable racks with 6, 8 and 12 positions - They can make up a PLC station containing a maximum of 8 racks, distributed on the bus (known as BusX). Bus continuity between the various racks is provided by bus extension cables whose total length should not exceed 50 meters.
  • Power supply modules - Each rack requires a power supply module determined according to the distributed supply (AC or DC) and the power required at rack level (standard format module or double format module)
  • Processor modules . Each station has a processor, which is selected according to the processing power required.


The Modicon Quantum PLC system is a special-purpose computing system with digital processing capabilities. Modicon Quantum is designed for real time control in industrial and manufacturing applications in a modular, expandable architecture employing the following modules.

  • Power Supply
  • CPU
  • I/O
  • I/O Network Interface
  • Intelligent/Special Purpose I/O  
  • Simulator (XSM)
  • Battery
  • Backplanes
  • CableFast Cabling

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