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B&R Industrial Automation GmbH, a manufacturer of automation technology, was founded in 1979, has its R&D and production headquarters in Eggelsberg, Austria, near Braunau in the state of Upper Austria. The brand company specializes in machine and factory control systems, HMI and motion control. In addition to scalable complete solutions, B&R also offers individual components. The product range is oriented toward machinery and equipment manufacturing, and the company is also active in the field of factory and process automation. In 2017, the company was acquired by the Swiss ABB Group.


Some of the pioneer product series are Acopos Servo Drives 8V1022, BV1180, 8V1090, 8V1640.


The ACOPOS servo drive family is an important component of the complete automation solutions provided by B&R. Industry-specific functions.. ACOPOS servo drives work with very short scan times and communication cycles of 400 µs, which only amount to 50 µs in the control loop.

ACOPOS servo drives use the information on the motor's embedded parameter chip, which contains all relevant mechanical and electronic data. The work-intensive and error-prone task of manually setting parameters is no longer necessary and start-up times are substantially reduced. During service, relevant data can be requested and the cause of any problems that may exist can be determined.

The ACOPOS servo family is also available with partially-coated circuit boards. These versions have identical specifications but are more robust in regard to environmental influences such as dust, aggressive vapors or moisture.

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